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Delivery racking by preference is the latest addition in a massive ongoing investment by Olympic Glass.


The new system allows customers to request the order in which deliveries are required ensuring their storage and labour costs are minimised.

 This extra investment in Software development ensures bar coding from the beginning to the end of production, allowing “track and trace” to report at any point of order process.

  The advantages of our Delivery Rack Option:

  • Gives us the ability to rack load at the DGU Line
    allowing delivery in the order that customers require.
  • Reduced handling at customer warehouse/factory which creates less chance of damage.
  • Our customers do not have to sort product out for end user distribution resulting in reduced labour costs.
  • Customers will have no need for large storage areas for the glass as everything is already in job order.
  • Rack Lists are emailed the day before delivery.

It all adds up to big savings for our customers


Three-dimensional rack optimisation