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Energy policy crucial post election

13 Apr 2010

The next government urgently needs to rebalance workplace law in favour of employers.

The next government urgently needs to rebalance workplace law in favour of employers, according to the Forum of Private Business.

The Forum is arguing that an ever-increasing tally of legislation has made many smaller businesses frightened of hiring, and even advertising for, new staff.

As a result, the Forum believes redressing the balance between employers' and employees' rights should be one of the key priorities for the next government.

This would help to both improve the fortunes of small business and reduce unemployment in the UK.

The proposal is one of many small business-friendly measures outlined in the Forum's 2010 Election Manifesto. Entitled ‘Rebuilding the UK Economy', the document outlines moves that the Forum believes are necessary in order to help small businesses over the next four or five years.

Forum policy representative Matthew Goodman said: "With growing unemployment and an ever-changing landscape of employment law, the Forum feels that any new government should dedicate itself to rebalancing the cost and risk of employing staff."

Long-term measures, which the Forum would like to see implemented over the next 20 years, include:

  • More competition among energy suppliers and easier switching between suppliers for small businesses.
  • Government action to help roll-out the next generation of broadband services and improve access in remote rural areas in order to ensure there are no geographical restrictions on business start-ups.
  • A decrease in the small firms' rate of corporation tax to promote wider economic growth.

News source: Courtesy of Glass & Glazing Magazine